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Editor’s Note: This book kiosk is happy to host the intercontinental online book tour of The Domestication of Munachi. The author, Ifesinachi Okoli-Okpagu, is going round, doing readings and sharing snippets of the her book. If you want to hear her voice, you can listen to her as she reads on the Sound Cloud link below. It gives a rich experience, makes you feel close to her, just like a normal book tour. And here is the fun part, after reading (and/or listening) to Ifesinachi, she has a gift to give a few of us. How do you get it? Well, it is simple. Just leave  a comment below: Welcome her to these neck of the woods, share your sentiments on her book, tell us what your expectations are…Whatever your thoughts are, all of them are completely valid and welcome. Her people go through your comments and handpick guys who shall get free copies of The Domestication of Munachi. 
So do you feel like a free book?
But first, ladies and gentlemen, let’s say Hello to Ifesinachi.

Hi, my name is Ifesinachi. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read from my book, The Domestication of Munachi, and just before I start reading, I will let you in on a little secret. I have about seven or eight parts of this reading spread across the internet on various book tours and if you go round and search for them, you can catch about half the book.
Okay, that is just me trying to kid around. So delving into the book, I will be reading from page 59; here we go:


“Eliza, come back here,” Oriaku shouted causing heads to turn. Every motion stilled as the women recognised their President bearing down on Mama Adanna with two hefty policemen behind her.
Oriaku pointed. “She’s the one. Thief. Onye asi. Liar.”
As the policemen approached, Mama Adanna felt panic race through her. At her age and with her size, there was no way she could outrun these two. She looked around for help, but saw that the women seemed to have disappeared into the shadows. She could see them all but could not spot a face.
“Oriaku, what happened? What is it?” Mama Adanna asked, feigning innocence.
“You think we will not find out, eh kwa?” Oriaku adjusted the wrapper on her waist and turned to the women with outstretched hands.
“See this woman oh. After collecting millions” – the women gasped when they heard ‘millions’- “to organise their lives and plan a decent wedding for our children, these people licked the money finish.” She swiped her mouth with a curved hand and continued, “and told their child to run away and disgrace my family. Then she had the guts to lie to my face. Me, Patience Odiegwu.”
She beat her chest several times, her eyes vicious. “You think I will not find out? My God has saved me from shame. Kidnappers, eh kwa? Which kidnapper will hold somebody and refuse to talk for a week.”
She held up a hand and shook her head. “Don’t tell me another lie, my friend. Don’t tell me that. I received the news first-hand from son, the same one your daughter disgraced and sent back to South Africa in shame.”
Another gasp rippled through the crowd. The policemen stood beside Mama Adanna waiting for her orders.
“Onye oshi. Thief, that’s who you people are,” she said, breathing hard.
Her voice rang out through the church hall and Mama Adanna was afraid that it would filter through the windows and outsiders would hear it. She wished she could bury her face in the ground.
“That your good-for-nothing daughter that I warned Obiora not to marry. You see now?” she looked around and hastily received nods of agreement. “Beauty is not physical. It is character, I told him. Look for a girl whose eyes are on the ground, but he was looking for the one who could stare into people’s eyes. You see it?”
Mrs Maduka stepped forward. “Oriaku, this is not how to do things. Not in the house of God.”
“Chinyere, hold it there. Did I ask you?” Oriaku attacked her Vice President.
“Mba nu.”
“Were you there when I took money to their house to marry their daughter?”
“Mba nu.”
“Were you there when she opened her buccal cavity and lied to me that her daughter was kidnapped?”
“Mba nu.”
“Then shut up and get out.”
Mrs Maduka quietly stepped back.
“Are you people still waiting?” She shouted at the policemen who stood indecisive. “Carry her and go and hold her in that your station until she vomits the money that she owes my family.”
Mama Adanna did not struggle. Their rough hands seized her arms and she felt just a pinch of pain. She could bear the pain; what she could not stand was the look of pity the women threw her way. She bowed her head in resignation and against her Christian beliefs, she cursed the day her womb spilled Munachi into the world.


Thank you much for listening, I have come to the end of this particular reading. I do hope that you visit theMagunga Bookstore and get the book, The Domestication of Munachi. You can also follow me on my tour. My next stop from here will be Brittle Paper (Nigeria), BooksLive SA,  and Praxis Magazine For Arts and Literature.
From me, Ifesinachi Okoli-Okpagu, I say asante sana.

#OnlineBookTour: Domestication of Munachi

April 5, 2016

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April 5, 2016

14 Thoughts on Chance to Get a FREE Copy of The Domestication of Munachi by Ifesinachi Okoli-Okpagu

  1. Free books are the best books. 🙂 I wonder how my so-called domestication will go? Sha!

  2. I haven’t read this book but I’ve heard the rave reviews about it and I can bet it is a good one. Really looking forward to reading it. I hope I get to win a copy. I’ll appreciate. Cheers.

  3. Listening to it on sound cloud was a great experience. I think it’s rate for an author to have the rare talent to tell the story verbally and in writing equally well ? looking forward to see what happens to Mama Adanna

  4. Its 5.27am and i’m laughing out loud just from this snippet, i can just imagine the rest of the book. I’m including the chance to read it whether its free (which would be the best) or bought! Love it!

  5. Oohh Munachi, I want to meet you.She seems to have put the family and the Church in disarray. Can’t wait to get a free copy!!

  6. Munachi! I was giggling the entire time I was reading the excerpt! That church scene is imprinted in my mind. I honestly can’t wait to meet all these characters, whether I miraculously get the free book or when I buy it. Either way, this book will be in my hands soon enough.
    P.s: this bookstore is a dream to visit. ?

  7. sounds interesting..wouldnt mind getting one

  8. I was right there in that church with bated breath. Just when I was settling into the unfolding drama the reading was done… I went back to read the excerpt just in case a few extra lines had been missed out… Munachi oh! I’m going to be in a state of suspense till I read that book.

    • This sounds like the kind of book i would like to glue my on for a whole un interrupted weekend.

  9. I love this kiosk!
    Wooi! that excerpt had me giggling at 5.30 am! Had to read twice more, once in my best West
    African accent.. It would be a treat to Get this book! Please, Please, please choose me!!!!

  10. Thank you, people. So much love!
    I’m glad you love the excerpt and my West African accent… 😉
    I hope to visit Nairobi soon. I have heard it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Africa.
    Hope to also hear your thoughts about the book when you finish reading. Cheers.

  11. After yesterday’s reading in Brittle Paper, I was invested. But today, today completely and utterly wowed me. Munachi is certainly a character I’d love to get to know!
    Is this competition meant for only those in East Africa, because I’m currently in Nigeria. Also, I wanted to throw a question at Ifesinachi: what inspired you to write this novel?
    I can’t wait to read this book. After doing so, I’ll be sure to post a review of it on my YouTube channel and other places online.
    Cheers 🙂

  12. I saw a review of this book on one of our local dailies, read and listened to the excerpts and Ifesinachi you have brought life to Munachi in my heart. Every ambitious girl is awake relating to Munachi and Mama Adanna expectations.
    Thank you Ifesinachi…


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