Hang No Clothes Here

I turned my 1993 Honda Accord closer to the kerb as the jeep rolled past us, slowed down and drove abreast of us. I glanced at the jeep’s front seats and saw two men with clean-shaven heads in them.

“Bastard! We go finish you if you no talk weytin you suppose talk for that panel!” the one in the passenger seat shouted at me. I saw a pistol with an attached silencer rise out of their window. My hands froze at the wheels. My guragura, that long-suffering car, slammed into a pothole. My wife screamed. I heard a slight pop.


John Braimoh, a senior officer of the Nigeria Police Force, is a religious man who wants to live right. Five youths are killed by Braimoh’s colleagues in controversial circumstances in Abuja in 2011. Braimoh is inevitably drawn into the investigation of the events surrounding the killings—investigations which could lead to the end of his law enforcement career—and even worse. He is simultaneously thrown into a turf war between two of the world’s biggest international narcotics smuggling cartels trying to dominate Nigeria’s narcotics market control and space which they use as a transit route for the export of drugs to Europe and Asia. Braimoh also finds himself dragged into the intrigues of international espionage, sleaze in Nigeria’s politics, the senate and public life.

Hang No Clothes Here presents John Braimoh’s navigation through the labyrinth, and the life-changing consequences of his journey on him and his young family.