Slum Dreamer by Wilfred Wachira Mwangi
Slum Dreamer by Wilfred Wachira Mwangi
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The Slum Dreamer

From his humble beginning in Kibera, Wilfred managed to put himself through undergraduate and graduate level university studies in the USA. He Recently gave up a promising career in Wall St, New York ( where he rose through the ranks to become a vice president in finance with Citi bank) and moved back to Africa to work with the Grassroots Business Fund in the field of impact investing striving to empower individuals at the Bottom Of the Pyramid. He is married with 2 children.


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“The pages that follow are gripping, shocking and of immense value to anyone who wants to know more about humanity. The story is real and brilliantly put forward in enormously powerful words by a young man. His despair, courage, self-deprecating humor and his sense of never giving up in his quest to “make it” is inspirational. The contrast between his humble rural home, poor as it was, and his home in one of Africa’s largest slums Kibera could not be more vividly told. I found this book to be totally compelling and I know that many will find it to be one of a kind, must read narratives. I put it down feeling truly inspired and encouraged by one young man’s story. I know there are many others who have lived through Mwangi’s experiences and worse and this book will surely give hope where one can hardly expect it.”

~ Dr. Richard Leakey, FRS


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29 November 2014




Wilfred Wachira Mwangi


Diamond Quill Publishers