Author Picture

David Ng'asura Tuei


He was born in 1952 at the Kericho Municipality among the Talai clan. His father and grand-father were Gwassi exiles and his grandfather even died there. His great grand-father Kipchomber araap Koilegen, the chief Orgoiyot of the Kipsigis people was exiled to Fort Hall (Muranga) in 1914. Tuei attended Kericho Township School before joining Tambach Secondary School in 1969. He thereafter joined Kapsabet High School for his "A" levels in 1973. In 1975 he worked briefly with Kenya Commercial Bank in Kericho before undertaking computer studies in Nairobi. In 1979 he joined Brooke Bond Tea (K) Ltd now Univeler Tea (K) Ltd and retired in 1999. He has worked for many years to highlight the plight of the Kipsigis Talai and this book builds on others he has published before.