Cut off My Tongue

Cut off My Tongue

One of the most sobering and positive things to happen in Kenya in 2008, soon after the post-election violence, was “Cut Off My Tongue”. At a time of great tension and uncertainty, this dramatized poetry show ranted, provoked, inspired and broke into song and dance as it explored the truths that shape us as Kenyans: our beliefs, the way we behave and why.

Cut off My Tongue deals with interrelated stories about life in Kenya grouped around tribe and ethnicity, political critique, identity, tradition and genealogy. Although the main focus of the show is Kenya, the themes addressed cut across post-colonial Africa and the continent’s struggle to deal with the question of “Nation-State”. It was performed by a multi-racial cast to sold-out audiences in Kenya, Uganda and the UK (Hampstead Theatre, London and the Hay Festival 2009). It is moving, entertaining, brave and frighteningly honest. It is politics – and love – that bites as it teases. If you are African in mind, body or spirit, you must see “Cut Off My Tongue”!

Also in July 2015 , Cut off My Tongue by Sitawa Namwalie was performed at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Rwanda in memory of the 1994 genocide.

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Princess Adhis And The Naija Coca Broda

Princess Adhis And The Naija Coca Broda

This children’s story from Storymoja falls under canon of African literature.

“The mistress is Princess Adhis, the brains behind the drug ring, a Nigerian Lord Ochineke, and actions of an immoral nature take place at ‘Shimmering Mostel’ on the Nairobi-Machakos highway. The associations are as telling as the tale is spell-binding.”
– Nicholas Assego, Editor, Home & Away magazine

“Tony Mochama, Kenyan PEN leader and multiple SLS- participant (Russia, Canada & Lithuania) has in ‘Princess Adhis’ brought his energy and eccentricity to bear in that most contemporary of urban writing that the International has been crying for from Africa. This one will make them laugh out loud”
– Mikhail Iossel, SLS Founder Director and Professor of Creative Writing, Concordia
University, Montreal, Canada

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