A Tiny Place Called Happiness

A Tiny Place Called Happiness is a book of short stories with twenty-two stories. Nwilo, who is also the author of Diary Of A Stupid Boyfriend, is one of the most innovative and refreshingly experimental voices in Nigerian literature. He is funny, has a huge social media followership that he keeps thrilled with his funny and educative updates.


Nwilo’s publication of  A Tiny Place Called Happiness comes at a time when happiness has become an essential commodity amongst Nigerian youths, and indeed all Nigerians. Ever the pragmatic writer, Bura-Bari Nwilo attempts to use the book to reveal that happiness comes in different shades, for different people. Accordingly, he perceives “the stories… [as being] reflective of what happiness means to several people, not necessarily conventions. This is achieved using the characters and settings.”

Weight 635 g
Dimensions 168 × 244 × 31 mm