Abundance of Scorpions by Hadiza Isma El-Rufai
Abundance of Scorpions by Hadiza Isma El-Rufai
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Abundance of Scorpions

Vulnerable, and surrounded by malice, corruption and greed, Tambaya struggles to shape her destiny. An Abundance of Scorpions charts one woman’s journey through grief and uncertainty to a road that leads to self-discovery, redemption and love. 


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Following a horrific tragedy, Tambaya leaves Kano for Accra to live with her brother, Aminu. Sadly, her dream of a new beginning is dashed when she can no longer endure the indignity she suffers at the hands of her brother’s new wife.

Tambaya returns to northern Nigeria and soon finds work as a matron in an orphanage, under the watchful eye of the ruthless Miss Scholastica. Just when she begins to settle into her new life, an unexpected visit threatens to destroy everything she has worked so hard to build. Tambaya faces moral dilemmas on all sides, but she must stop her life from unravelling once again.

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11 Oct. 2017












Hadiza Isma El-Rufai


Ouida Books


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Editorial Review

An Abundance of Scorpions is both a heartbreaking tale of loss and an uplifting story of a woman’s strength and determination to overcome whatever obstacles life throws in her path, written in clear, direct prose. A pleasure to read.”

—Helon Habila, Author of Oil on Water and The Chibok Girls

“A clear-eyed, well-paced novel written with warmth and confidence. Muslim women protagonists are scarce and it is exciting to be in the company of Tambaya, a strong heroine we can embrace, one who is easy to identify with, to root for and to admire.”

—Leila Aboulela, Author of Minaret and The Kindness of Enemies