After 4:30
After 4:30
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After 4:30

After 4:30 rocketed the now reknown author, David G. Maillu, to become the most widely read, controversial and humorous writer in East Africa in the 1970s. Told in African traditional poetic or song-style, provocative and bluntly-critical, the book gives a refreshing and entertaining read. It craftily unravels the problems of housewives, office secretaries, sex workers, with unusual frankness and remarkable clarity. Philosophically, Maillu penetrates beyond mere preoccupations with sex and reveals the pangs of moral purity in a culturally transitional African world governed by materialism. It is a must for champions of Women Liberation Movements.

You are likely to find three copies of this book within one family for, when the husband is reading it, he doesn’t want his wife to know he is reading it. When the wife is reading it, she doesn’t want her husband to know she is reading it. And finally when the mature children are reading it, they don’t want the parents to know that they are reading it. Why? Find out.


The Magunga Bookstore
David Maillu (author)

I was born in colonial Kenya. With regard to my birth date, my mother said, “When people were talking about the starting of the Second World War.” That, of course, must have been in 1939. With regard to the actual month and date, she said, “During the harvest of cow peas.” That harvest embraces September and October. That was as much as she could say. I had to use other means to determine the whereabouts of the birth date. Using the knowledge I have gathered in astrology, and basing the assessment on my natural behaviour, I concluded that I am a Libran. Then, in order to silence too many questions, I decided to author the birth date. I chose 19th October. But I did not choose the date anyhow. I have studied numerology and, according, supported by my temperament, I chose 19, because 1-plus-9 is ten.

I married in January 1970. My wife is German, Hannelore, from Berlin. I have two daughters, Kavuli and Mwende. Kavuli is an Interior Architect, which she studied in England. Mwende, married to a Swiss with whom they have a son, hold a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.


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