Against All Odds

AGAINST ALL ODDS: THE STORY OF STEPHEN KALONZO MUSYOKA, is tale of hope, courage, resilience, determination and faith. It is a story of a village boy who rose from the ashes of poverty in the dry, thirsty and forsaken part of rural Kenya into political stardom.

The book tells the story of the journey of his life, so far. It finds its beginnings in the local village in Mwingi, where he was born. It traverses time and space to see him through the village school, high school and university, even as it gives a rendition of the various vicissitudes that informed his formative years.

The biography tells of Musyoka’s struggles to gain meaningful education, overcome poverty and eventual entry into Kenyan politics. It narrates his rise to stardom, trials and tribulations and his strong Christian faith.

It documents his crucial role as a peacemaker since his schooldays. The impact he had on the Sudanese and Somali peace negotiations. His fears, anxieties and survival instincts.


Sub-title: The Story of Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka
Author: Kalonzo Musyoka with Caleb Atemi
Country: Kenya
Size (mm): 128 x 196 x 18
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black & White
Language: English
Publication  Date: December 2016