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BAESICS: Setting the Right Foundations to Marry Well

To say choosing a life partner is an important decision is an understatement. No other person has the propensity to affect your life for the better or for the worse more than the person you marry. For this reason, it is important that the person you call your lifetime bae is fit for the journey up ahead. Even better, it is important that you are equally equipped for the journey that ensues till death do you part. The basics for choosing your bae are contained herein. In it the reader will find the necessary biblical foundations needed to marry well. The reader will also learn of the pitfalls that cause unnecessary hurt that they need to avoid. Baesics endeavours to give you the heart of your Creator as you relate with the opposite sex.


Year of Publication

March 2019








Ernest Wamboye,

Waturi Wakairu Wamboye


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Editorial Review

To say that Ernest Wamboye has a divine calling and timely message for today’s youth is a mere understatement. ‘Baesics’ is the most masterfully woven of his literary tapestry yet! Highly considered by many to be an ‘African Josh McDowell’ equivalent (and who knows – an African James Dobson in his later years?), Ernest hits at the crux of the matter affecting many singles today who are craving for the elusive ‘happily ever after’ that marriage is touted to offer. In this marred world of sin where the stark reality of breakups and divorce tends to be eons away from the dream of marital utopia, this book sheds a ray of hope to the many disillusioned and broken-hearted singles of today. It is possible to have an immensely joyful and fulfilling man-woman relationship exemplified in holy matrimony as God intended it to be. After all, He is the author of love Himself! And through these pages filled with thought-provoking insights and practical examples, you will discover the Master’s divine secrets to making your relationship and marriage work, drawn from principles stated in His user manual – the Bible. What better way is there to drive your future to success than to follow your Manufacturer’s instructions? This is a must-read for anyone in pursuit of their marriage Eden, where perfect love all began. And true to its name, ‘Baesics’ seeks to take us back to the basics. ‘Happily ever after’ does exist after all. ~ Dr. Frederick K Wangai -Medical Doctor

Marriage is God's plan and idea and we all need to invest in order to draw from what He had in mind when He created it. This book gives raw truths on the struggles of waiting and how to wait well no matter what the societal expectations are. It gives a clear disclaimer that our standards are not to be set by the world but by God and His word. I would recommend it for anyone who not only just wants to marry but desires to marry well. I would also recommend it for those struggling in their marriages no matter how long they have been married, going back to the basics may be just what their marriages need. Very simply written and the fantastic insights can be used as a study guide in small groups. ~ Jane Nyaga