Belonging in Africa

“Sara loves Sam and Sam loves Sara, in Nairobi. Then one day he has to go back home to Uganda to his family, but promises to come back. He doesn’t come back. Sam dies. A future uncertain and hanging as ominous clouds; and now followed by sad news of Sam’s sudden demise in Kampala, that her father forbids her to attend the funeral. But as fools rush in, she books an overloaded ‘Kampala’ Express, packed with passengers like sardines (jeered all the way; un-belonging). This is her unseen Africa in the aftermath of post-Amin’s Uganda which is now overran with several lunatics in soldier uniform, erecting numerous roadblocks and where one had taken away her picture from Sam’s wallet and keeps it, perhaps to ‘defile it in his maggot-infested bed.
Before you make a turn and run: This is not the typical mzungu story!”
Roundsquare Chumolet

“I simply loved this book and will be recommending it to many people! The story had me hooked right from the beginning. I experienced an entire range of emotions as I got to know the characters and as events unfolded. The author’s way with words… simple, yet descriptive enough to allow me to visualize every scene in my mind’s eye.”
– Nafisa Rayani, Belonging in Africa Facebook Page


the Magunga
Jo Alkemade (author)

Jo Alkemade is a Dutch writer who lives on an American desert. She works as a translator and is quite badass on motorbikes, she has done 33,000 miles in five years. Aside from writing and riding, she minors in acting. She appears as an extra in two episodes of Better Call Saul, the spin-off of Breaking Bad.

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