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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather, a literary fiction, offers many lessons in a book: Drug and alcohol abuse, crime, stigmatization, peer influence, responsible parenthood, culture, family lineage, good governance etc. The book is rich in tales that humorously keeps the reader turning pages.

The story of Anjawo struggling to beat the odds with an aim of acquisition of a better public image in the gunk of unsightly lifestyle offers education in all aspects of life including the benefits of correcting in your own behaviour what you don’t wish your child to inherit in the aspect of better parenthood, drug and alcohol abuse, nationality among others.


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At the early stage of her marriage, Anjawo learns the craft of preparing illicit brew and supply of drugs, legally unacceptable but proves more lucrative. Viewing at life to blessings on her side and curses on others, she cushions her children against alcoholism and drug abuse but treats others otherwise.

Anjawo’s behaviour blurs the distinction between a disciplinarian and the subject. Her effort to stop her children from drug and alcohol abuse is hampered by her own effort to influence other people’s children into the same. Her effort to stop her daughters from engaging in irresponsible sexual behaviour is constricted by her own narratives of her engagement at a school going age.



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Elisha Otieno


Ariba Book Publishers


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