“With this hilarious, nail-pointed satire, a devastating social parable brimming with humanity and heart, Barrett joins the ranks of the great tricksters: Alain Mabanckou, Joseph Heller, and Charles Johnson.”


“Here from his home in Nigeria is A. Igoni Barrett, one of the finest of the many fine writers coming from that country – and continent – whose work is now making itself more widely known. His dazzling novel, Blackass (Graywolf Press), is the story of Furo Wariboko, a man who awakens on the day of a job interview to discover that he has turned into a white man. What to do? “Blackass is a novel of hallucinatory brilliance: a reworking of Kafka’s Metamorphosis that feels as unbearably real to us today as the original did in its time. Very few novels have ever come this close to capturing how we inhabit our racial selves, and the mingled terror and fascination we feel at the idea of inhabiting another body. It’s a light, fleet-footed, playful, thoroughly enjoyable book, but be careful: it will scorch your fingers and singe your eyebrows.”

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Dimensions 135 × 20 × 216 mm

A. Igoni Barrett


Chatto Windus