By Fate and Blood by Levi Alfred Orero
By Fate and Blood by Levi Alfred Orero
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By Fate and Blood

Careen was on her knees, head over the sink and hair covering her face. She heard someone enter and turned to look, then dropped her gaze when she saw it was Anna.

“I messed up,” Careen said.

“What do you mean?” Anna asked. She helped her friend to the bedroom, sat her on the bed and pulled back hair to expose her face. Careen’s face was puffy, eyes red and her makeup all ruined. In between sobs, she held up her head and stared at Anna.

LOVE WILL BUILD YOU. LOVE WILL DESTROY YOU. What do you do when you can’t feed your child? Careen loses her job and remembers the one person who will not reject her son… In the bitter cold, with tears in her eyes, she abandons Henry, hoping and praying that he survives.

Harvey’s pain has built him a business empire and he knows his ruthless nature will ensure a great future for his family. But will it? Plunge into the fanciful mixture of tragedy, deceit, and romance as life separates those bound by ties stronger than they will ever realize.





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Levi Alfred Orero


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