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Dear Philomena

Dear Philomena, is the story of two strokes; one boy, one girl and a whole lot of magical realism. July 1991, Leocardia Byenkya underwent an ultrasound that informed her to expect a baby girl. She chose the name Philomena. January 16 1992, her baby was born as a boy. Filled with shock and surprise, Leocardia named her baby boy Mugabi. December 2014, Mugabi suffered from two strokes within a week of each other. Mugabi was 22 years old.

‘Dear Philomena,’ is a series of thoughts and conversations between Mugabi and Philomena (the girl he was supposed to be) about the year he was supposed to die but somehow lived through.


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The story of two strokes; one girl, one boy and a whole lot of magical realism. ‘Dear Philomena’ is a one of a kind piece of work. It captures the ways that people read, live and behave in the new millennium. Byenkya speaks to mental and physical health, love and friendship, support and patience in ways that have yet to be done; all the while creating a uniquely suspenseful and thoughtful piece of literature.


  • Discovering Diversity Publishing Bestseller 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Ugandan Bestseller 2018
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Mugabi Byenkya


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