Den of Inequities

“This book has many things going for it. It is exceedingly well written..Den of Inequities is the next big urban book. With this one you get the whole Nairobi experience..”
– James Murua, James Murua Literature Blog


Omosh is a construction worker at a local slum whose life is rudely changed when he is arrested by overzealous policemen. Gosti, the local mugger, comes home to find his long lost father, who seems to have great plans for him, or what does he want? On the other side of town, Aileen’s seems to have everything: she is the reigning Miss Campus, daughter of a renowned politician and a ‘cool life’. A misadventure in a matatu changes her life, for ever. What do these three characters have in common? And who is killing police officers so brazenly? And is the counter attack justified?