Escapades Of A Bored Housewife
Escapades Of A Bored Housewife
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Escapades Of A Bored Housewife

Crystal is a 28 year-old mother of one who is married to Aloy, an oil worker. His job working on an oil rig offshore keeps him away from home, wife and family for long periods of time. This makes Crystal unhappy, lonely, bored and depressed.

Then enter Benji, a handsome, sexy IT specialist who moves next door to Crystal. Soon, sparks begin to fly between the two and an affair ensues, which has a profound effect on her relationship with her husband, marriage and family she never dreamed of…


Escapades Of A Housewife is a riveting ebook & short story that takes a look into the lives of women whose husbands work from home for long periods. The protagonist Crystal though rich, comfortable and living a good life, is faced with boredom, loneliness and frustration over her husband’s long absences from home due to his nature of work.

For years, she had endured the situation with stoicism until temptation comes in the form of a good-looking guy who moves in next door to her family. The attraction is instant, at least on her part as can be seen from the beginning of the story.

While the subject of infidelity in marriage, is the main crux of the story, the writer also takes a look at some of the factors that can be responsible, such as an absentee, indifferent husband. Maybe, if her husband had worked closer to home, she would not have gotten involved with Benji and the subsequent tragic incidents that occurred would have been averted.

This interesting love story is written in a free flowing style that will keep you hooked till the very end.









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