Escapades Of A Sugar Baby by Patience Saduwa
Escapades Of A Sugar Baby by Patience Saduwa
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Escapades Of A Sugar Baby

Escapades Of A Sugar Baby centres around a young lady named Vanessa who lives a double life in the big city- by day, she passes for a respectable, professional lady while at night, she turns into a high class hooker who works the streets for money. She meets and falls in love with Ron, a businessman and she begins to question the kind of life she’s living…

There’s a bonus story titled, My Best Friend’s Husband in which Una, the protagonist has an affair with Eric, who’s married to her friend. This results in pregnancy which leaves her in a confused state…


Escapades Of A Sugar Baby is a well-written, captivating eBook & short story which opens a window into the lives of a group of fast-living city ladies who make a living by prostitution. Through the main character and narrator of the story, Vanessa, the reader is given an idea of the type of life these women live, how they make their money, their struggles and challenges of the profession.

The issue of living a double life, is also treated as the narrator pretends to be what she’s not in order to deceive her family and society. But in the end, her fake lifestyle is revealed with dire consequences.

This short book is a fun, fast read and very enjoyable especially for lovers of romance, intrigues and suspense. It’s well-written and fast-paced with minimal typos. Highly recommended.









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