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Girl With A Thorn

An imperfect love story, a memoir of a girl’s secret; of how it alters her life. At 14 years, a girl is just beginning to discover herself. For such a girl to learn a truth her deceased parents left behind that she would have to live with for the rest of her life, it would have to be a little dramatic, a little teary(did I say a little!- extremely) and as she accepts the truth, it becomes funny and inspiring towards the end.


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Girl with a thorn is a captivating memoir of a girl’s secret and how in many ways, it shaped the course of her life. People have asked whether I think I’ll die early or live long. I don’t know, but what I know is that I have today, and today I am healthy and strong. Today I am being loved so rather than live in fear of what may or may not happen in future. I will live in the present, learn through it, laugh through it. I will love and I will not let an opportunity of real true love escape me.

What they didn’t ask is how at 14years in a boarding school I dealt with such drama and swam through it without drowning. Perhaps it was the belief that my life still had a purpose, perhaps it was the belief that it happened for a reason, perhaps it was the books I had read and the people who were in my life. When you read a book written by a non believer and pessimistic person, guess who the next pessimistic person will be, when you read a book written by a person with a fighting spirit, guess who will be the next fighter, when you read a book written by a great world leader, guess who will be the next person living knowing they can be anything and accomplish anything? Choose to place good books before your children because in their saddest and most depressing moments, they will remember the words they read, and those words will shape their beliefs because what a child believes is what he or she becomes.

Installing WiFi in the house is good, but also have a small bookshelf and if it doesn’t have any book, look for #GIRLWITHATHORN and place it there, you’ll never regret because it is a book written by a believer, a person with a fighting spirit and a person who believes all things are possible. With such high rates of teenage suicides and early sexual activities, do you want to take that chance of not having this book for you and your teenager or teenage niece, nephew or cousin? There is power in the written word read in silence. #girlwithathorn

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