Full color comic book in Swahili. Gitonga is a miraa dealer from Meru. (Miraa is an intoxicating leaf, also called khat, which creates very lucrative business in East Africa.) This is a humorous adventure story in slang Swahili, poking fun at everyday life in Kenya today.

Stanislaus Olonde, also known as Stano, was born in Kenya in 1975 and began drawing cartoons in school as a young boy. When newspaper The People began publishing in 1992, Stano became the editorial cartoonist. In 1996, Sasa Sema Publications published his comic book Gitonga. 

Stano is editorial cartoonist for newspaper The Daily Nation, in Nairobi, and he became editorial cartoonist for its Swahili sister paper, Taifa Leo. He has also done many cartoons for other newspapers and magazines and books. Stano has had his work exhibited in Italy, in the exhibition Matite Africane organized in 2002 by Lai-momo and NGO CEFA.

– (source) Lambiek


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