Migrant Cocktail
Migrant Cocktail
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Immigrant Cocktail

Immigrant Cocktail is a fictitious story about the lives of Kenyan immigrants in the United Kingdom. The characters may be fictitious, but many people will attest to have gone through the experiences narrated, or known someone who has. Esther, the central character in the book, helps tell these stories.


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Sadly, you are right,” agreed Grace. “So, about the old white beggars, these girls have a somewhat illegal agency and they are now making a killing by charging thousands of pounds to desperate immigrants” “What is the success rate?” Esther asked with
renewed interest. “Probably less than 10%, and you pay them in advance, and you do not get your money back if you fail, a crapshoot of sorts,” Grace chuckled. “But that’s not good.” “It’s terrible, I know, but when you are desperate, you take risks and hope you are one of the 10%. Some of them have actually travelled to Kenya with those ex-chokoras. ~ Excerpt





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Ciku Kimani Mwaniki


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