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Just a Book

The book features preparatory sketches, animations, behind-the-scenes photos, installation shots and video stills. The reader is taken into the world of Just A Band, with insight into experiments that remain unreleased, photos from the band’s tour and a deeply personal and reflective collection of letters in the afterword.

The texts include an essay by Jepchumba, and an  interview by Wanjeri Gakuru.

Just a Book is the work of Nairobi based visual arts collective, Just A Band. More conventionally known as a musical band, their exploration of artistic terrain has seen them create experimental work that speak to multiple publics. The book documents their evolution from a band and the presentation of their art through music videos and video installations from Nairobi to New York.

It has involved constituting and sharing of an archive of Just A Band, thus presenting an exercise in tracing the production of artistic identity of the individuals within the collective and of the collective as a whole. Through the creation of an unorthodox space that straddles multiple worlds, Just A Band has undoubtedly maintained the ability to speak to multiple audiences.