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KĩHOTO MBERE – Marebeta ma Kanyong’i wa Rũgũcio

This is the first ever Kikuyu language poetry book. As such, it is bound to attract a lot of excitement, both at the literary and entertainment levels. The poems – known in Kikuyu as marebeta – are written in an everyday conversational tone. This makes them appealing to a wide range of Kikuyu readers. Indeed, scholars of literature, and even those not formally schooled, will find a common point of understanding in every poem. It is a textbook ideal for oral literature, and can be studied from primary schools to universities.


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Sample stanza

Eterera Ngai

Ũtũro nĩ mũritũ
Nĩ kĩhiũhaga ngwatĩro
Ũkarigwo ũkũrora na kũ –
No ndũkemene
Wĩ mũndũ ota arĩa angĩ
Turia ndu ũhoe.

Eterera Ngai
Ndũkahũre ngoro
Kũrĩ thĩna kana gũtarĩ –
Roria maitho na matu-inĩ
Ĩta rĩtwa rĩa Mwene Nyaga
Nĩ etereire gũthikĩrĩria mateta maku.





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Stephen Ndegwa Mwangi


Kolbe Press


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