Lust and the City: A Guide on Sexual Purity (eBook)
Lust and the City: A Guide on Sexual Purity (eBook)
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Lust and the City: A Guide on Sexual Purity (eBook)

We live in a sexually saturated world. Sexual purity for followers of Christ, albeit admired, seems like a fleeting cause. Vulnerability is difficult for fear of being judged and as a result, men and women are caged in pornography, masturbation, and other vices of the power of lust as they suffer in silence. Lust and the City is a Bible-based guide that is filled with practical ways to overcome the power of lust and live a sexually satisfying and pure life in a sexually saturated culture.

The author’s bold examples from his own life coupled with powerful Biblical scriptures and very practical guidelines are just what this generation needs. Reading true victories amidst steely temptations encourages the reader to know that deliverance is possible. Curses will be reversed, problems will be solved, broken hearts will be mended, burdens will be lifted, and darkness will be scattered.



February 28, 2014

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Ernest Wamboye


Self Published


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