Memoirs of a Kenyan Spymaster

He gives us sparkling snippets of his family and community, as well as politics and intrigues of the time, including everything he knew; from smuggling coffee from Uganda to grabbing plots in Kenya. In a no-holds-barred, he tells not just about his work as a Special Branch officer but also a political and social history of Kenya. He shows us, with surprising candour and some home truths, how far we’ve come.


Bart Joseph Kibati, who started dreaming as a schoolboy of becoming a James Bond-type intelligence agent and rose to become the Deputy Director of Intelligence with the notorious Special Branch, tells all in his first ever memoir by a top-level Kenyan spymaster. He served with the intelligence community for nearly 30 years. With a rare sense of humour and irony, a scrupulous attention to detail and sense of history, and a seriousness that can only come from an intelligence agent, he gives an ‘anything goes’ account of his life and experiences, from his humble beginnings and life in a white settler farm in the 1950s in the height of the Mau Mau uprising, to schooling at Mangu High School.

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