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From a bar in Nairobi where “the potheads, struggling artists and wannabe professors drink and pontificate into the night”, to rural Uganda where our narrator meets her grandmother for the first time as an adult — “Her pink and white gingham dress was bright against the earthy walls of the house; her head bowed above an uderu piled high with groundnuts.”

From a Lutheran church where the pastor chants, “Kwa jina la Yesu, Toka! Toka! Toka!” at his enraptured congregation, to the banks of the Nile, where a president’s illegitimate son, banished from his father’s palace and thinking of the horrors the future holds, looks out over “The trees that still protruded from the river — the last remaining proof that there were once islands in that part of the Nile, before the water ate them up, before the dam construction started.”

These are just a few of the worlds that Moonscapes allows the reader a glimpse of, a glimpse into. Together they form a web of experience that tells us about sex and death, love and birth, marriage and family.

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 149 × 212 × 120 mm
Number of Pages


Year Published

September 2016






Black & White




Short Stories and Poetry


Adelina Mbekomize,

Barbara Oketta,

Crystal Rutangye,

Millicent Muthoni,

Muthoni wa Gichuru,

Paul Kisakye,

Regina Asinde,

Sophie Alal,

Stella Riunga,

Zuhura Seng’eng’e


African Writers Trust


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