Moses in a Mess

The inspector of schools is visiting Mukibi’s Educational Institute for the Sons of African Gentleman (MEISAG). The most neat dorm will win the Deputy Head’s prize of Sh. 1,000.00. Members of each dorm employ every trick in the book to win the prize. How can Moses and King Kong ensure that the prize goes to Dorm 3?

The Magunga Bookstore
Barbara Kimenye (children’s books author)

Barbara Kimenye (19 December 1929 – 12 August 2012), was one of East Africa’s most popular and best-selling children’s authors. Her books sold more than a million copies, not just in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, but throughout English-speaking Africa. She wrote more than 50 titles and is best remembered for her Moses series, about a mischievous student at a boarding school for troublesome boys.

A prolific writer widely regarded as “the leading writer of Children’s literature in Uganda”, Barbara Kimenye was among the first Anglophone Ugandan women writers to be published in Central and East Africa. Her stories were extensively read in Uganda and beyond and were widely used in African schools. Kimenye was born in England, but by her own admission considered herself Ugandan