My Life in Prison

This is a thriller novel set in Kenya, Nairobi. It rolls through a forest of crime of a gang led by John Kiriamiti alias Jack Zollo. Their main set is robbery, with violence. Jack the wanted criminal is in love with an innocent girl, Milly- who lives in a fools paradise not knowing exactly what her handsome man does for a living. Jack must harbour secrets, nurture his love and yet evade the deadly police at the same time. Will he continue being lucky?


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My Life in Prison (2004) is the third novel in John Kiriamiti’s Kenyan crime fiction series, following My Life in Crime, and My Life with a Criminal: Milly’s Story. This series is loosely based on Kiriamiti’s experiences as a young criminal in Nairobi, and was written mainly whilst he was in prison for robbery.The events in the book are narrated against the background of an alleged incident of brutality by warders, on the prisoners, at Naivasha Maximum Security Prison on 24 April 1972.¬†This book, the best-selling Kenyan novel of all time, is currently being adapted into a film.