My Side of the Street

“This is a candid narration of the slippery road down to alcoholism and it’s harsh effects on the alcoholic and his family….it is essential reading for everyone as it has great insights on addiction from the perspective of a recovering alcoholic”
– Karega Munene, Professor of History, United States International University

“My Side of the Street is a starkly rendered account of Chris’s years in the alcoholic wilderness. It is an unsentimental journey back through the wasted years, a brave book shot through with a searing honesty and, in places, a wry humour.”

– Betty Guchu, Business Daily Africa

“Although Chris Lyimo’s My Side of the Street: One Man’s Journey from Alcoholism to Sobriety may not be adopted as a literary text for study in the classroom, it is one that literary critics should pay close attention to. It is a narrative on masculinity, a misgiving about definitions of sex and gender, a scathing attack on the institution of parenting and above all a clarion call to the society to rethink the essentials of education.”

– Larry Ndivo, Discourses on Kenyan Literature 

“I also hope the reader of this book ignores the blurbs and sees this book as more than about an alcoholic, with lessons for more than just those suffering from addiction. My side of the street is for all of us who share this street that we call life. It is a mirror held up to Kenya to examine our definition of life, success, love, sex, faith, parenthood, masculinity and femininity. It is also about being human and finding redemption. But most of all, it is about our need to be deliberate about everything we do, or to use Lyimo’s words, to be “fully present” in every aspect of our own lives and of each others’ lives.”

Wandia Njoya


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theMagunga BookstoreChris Lyimo has diverse experience in the film, beauty and recovery industries and believes there’s nothing like second chances. Everyone needs them. And, thankfully, second chances are available to everyone.

Several second chances in his life have given rise to a personality who is deeply interested in communicating issues affecting people in their transformation process, namely, addiction treatment and recovery, relationships, fatherhood & manhood.

Chris is married to Wandia Njoya, has a teenage son, blogs on My Side of the Street and works as an addictions interventionist.

Now, if only he could write that second book…