Of Goats and Poisoned Oranges
Of Goats and Poisoned Oranges
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Of Goats and Poisoned Oranges

“Of Goats and Poisoned Oranges features a starkly different brand of feminism. There is no soft negotiation. This is that loud empowerment anthem that does not just demand rights and recognition, it wrests them from the men with both hands, feet stamping and voice bellowing through rural valleys and urban hallways. Ciku Kimeria’s novel captures you from the first sentence with a woman who is attending her own funeral.”
– Joyce Nyairo, Daily Nation

“I read Of Goats And Poisoned Oranges from start to finish in one sitting… It’s one of those riveting reads that you literally can’t put down!! And even if you do put it down, your mind will be in speculation till you next pick it up:  ‘What happens to Nyambura? How about Wambui and Njogu?’ ”
– Tabitha Tongoi; blogger, Cravingyellow

“The great value of Ms Kimeria’s book lies in the snapshots she gives an outsider of life in Kenya. Her writing style grants intimate access to the lives of people from different social classes…. She is definitely a writer to watch.”
– Richard Ali (editor, Parresia Publishers), The East African

the Magunga
Ciku Kimeria (author)

Ciku Kimeria lives and works in Kenya as a writer, blogger and as the Africa Regional Communication Manager at a leading global strategy consulting firm – Dalberg Global Development Advisors.

Her first novel has been extremely well received and critically acclaimed in Kenya and beyond. It tells the story of a Kenyan middle aged power couple and their complicated marriage. The novel explores issues of greed, revenge, betrayal and murder.

Ciku holds a BSc in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She speaks English, Kiswahili, German and French. For more on her and her work, visit  The Kenyan Explorer.