Play to Win - Christine Mweteeli
Play to Win - Christine Mweteeli
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Play to Win

This book is an inspiration book that calls out the champion in each of us. The book poses the
question – what would you dare to do if you were guaranteed to win?

It is quite possible that you may not be aware of your gifts and talents. After all, familiarity breeds contempt. What seems simple and obvious to you may be a great talent. This book is provides a step by step guide on how to identify one’s gift, their talent, their ‘unfair advantage’. God has invested in each one of us a unique set of abilities – at least one thing that you find easy and which takes much effort for most other people.

It is our obligation to find this talent, sharpen it and grow it – use it to make our contribution to humanity, while gaining much satisfaction and financial gain for ourselves.


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You can read every book in print on swimming, but the only way you will learn to swim is if you get into the water. No instructor will teach you to drive a car either if you are not sitting behind the wheel. You can only learn by doing. In fact most of the driving is learnt way after the driving test. When you are all alone on the road, when an absent-minded guy on a cell phone gets right in front of you at full speed – then you figure out what emergency brakes were all about – and you figure it out fast! ~ Pg. 64

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Weight 400 g
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