Praying for Your Spouse
Praying for Your Spouse
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Praying for Your Spouse

This simple resource seeks to reverse the negative trend by offering couples some very practical advice on areas to work on in their marriages to keep them alive. Each chapter of the book takes you to the genesis of the marriage institution itself – God’s word – to come up with scripture-directed prayer points that couples can use to pray for themselves and for each other to revitalize and grow their marriages through these guided prayers. Singles that are still searching can also use the book. Engaged couples can start early to lay a foundation for what God meant to be the most precious and joyful of all human relationships.


Can marriage work in the present time?

The marriage institution worldwide has and is still undergoing challenging times. The very definition of the God-ordained union of man and wife is rapidly changing. The pressures of making a living in this fast-paced world are making it increasingly difficult for couples to find time to work on their relationships. The result has been an ever-increasing rate of failed unions.

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Editorial Review

This is wonderful! I finally got the answers to my questions."Praying for your spouse" is what we all need both the couples and the couples to be.The book has enabled me to view marriage from a different perspective; truly God wants us to be happy. This book handles everything right from our partners, our children all the way to our finances. ~

I liked that when reading this book it didn't seem like it was a book JUST for people who are older. There are lots of marriage books out there and when you start to read a lot of them you feel like those situations don't apply to you because of how young you are. But this one is written in a way that a young university student can read it, as well as someone who is out of university and is working. ~ Corban M.