Sowing the Mustard Seed

Sowing the Mustard Seed traces Museveni’s early childhood and the struggle to liberate the country. The first edition was published in 1997, followed by a revised edition in 2007. Besides filling the missing gaps in earlier editions, this second edition has new details on the National Resistance Army capturing power in 1986. Other topics tackled include the mystic Alice Lawkena, the Sudan and Sudan Peoples’s Liberation Movement, fighting Joseph Kony, the wars in Rwanda and Congo and the post victory programmes.

Sowing the Mustard Seed, published by Moran (E.A.) Publishers, is a story of unflinching bravery. It is the story of unwavering search for a true, revolutionary and development-oriented leadership. The author, President Museveni, takes the reader on a tell-all journey of the sacrifice that he and other young Ugandans decided to take in order to liberate their country from the jaws of helplessness to which the first post-independence governments had conspired to consign it.