Specks in Our Eyes

Specks in Our Eyes by Jerry Alagaoso is a satire on community leadership and administration, particularly on the law-making and oversight functions in Ama Ihite community. In this community, these roles are played by the executives of the Ama Ihite Development Union (ADU). Important as these roles are, there must be a moral high ground where caution and punishment are to be meted out and it is in this respect that the ADU is lacking. A loss of respect for the corrective institution of the ADU ensues when they take on the Principal of the Community School. The central concern of the dramatist is that corrective institutions must be credible, else they become ineffective.


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Hon. Jerry Alagaoso

Hon. Jerry Alagbaoso holds a B. Ed (Hons) History/Drama (subsidiary) and a Master’s in Adult Education, specializing in Industrial Relations, from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a teacher, founding parent of a renowned secondary school, philanthropist and author. He has written over seven plays, namely Honourable Chairman, The First Lady, The Armchair Parents, His Excellency and the Siren, Signs and Wonders, Sorters and Sortees and most recently, Specks in our Eyes. 

Hon. Alagbaoso also has two non-fiction books to his credit: Eyes Right, and Officers and Men.  He has endowed a couple of literary prizes in Imo State under the auspices of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). As at the time of the interview, Jerry Alagbaoso, who retired voluntarily from the Nigeria Customs and joined politics, is a two-time member of the House of Representatives, and in spite of his schedule, still creates time for writing.