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The BOFAK Illusion

A piece such as this is what I’ve been looking for. I’ve always wondered why African writers shied away from crime and thrillers but The BOFAK Illusion’has ended that search and wondering.


Talk about a gripping, heart-racing and suspense filled thriller, The BOFAK Illusion fits the bill. As the title suggests most of the characters were illusive; they were not really who they appear to be. For example there is the ex-cop disguised as a missionary, the secretary working against her boss, the tourists who are actually assassins and so more.

From the Federal capital to Tinland to Sao Tome, Lagi explores the despicable play of power often involved among politicians. Also the issue of ethno-religious crises is explored. Are they really ethno-religious based or do they have their origins in power hungry politicians who would do everything in their power to tip the scales in their favour?

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Dimensions 133 × 132 × 204 mm

Tanimu Sule Lagi


Origami Books,

Parrésia Publishers