The Cockroach Dance

First published in 1979, The Cockroach Dance by Meja Mwangi is the dramatic story of one man’s fight against injustice and corrupt systems.  It is the story of one man’s resistance to a system and society run by faceless ones. The book focuses on the life of Dusman Gonzaga, who lives in a rundown building in Nairobi, Kenya; a squalid tenement overrun with cockroaches and inhabited by strange characters. His is a world of poverty, fights, bar women and visits to a doctor who doesn’t understand him.


The old building belongs to a wealthy slumlord with a heart of stone and Dusman’s neighbours include garbage collectors, street hawkers, criminals, wise men and mad men and numerous faceless ones. Dusman attempts to organise them to boycott paying rent, in order to force the landlord to lower rents, but finds himself standing alone. Then he hatches an unscrupulous plot so devious his neighbours can’t back out of the imminent confrontation. ‘Meja Mwangi spins a fascinating tale of one man’s revolt against exploitation

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Meja Mwangi


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