The Forest Dames

The Forest Dames by Ada Agbasimalo is a pulsating story about the devastating effects of war, which  dwells on the sordid consequences of the Biafran civil war on humanity and the torturous effort to achieve normality. It features Dze, a young girl with a keen mind who lived with her parents in a typical African setting and felt the pain of war. As an adult, the memories remain intact, haunting her.The Forest Dames is a strident voice detailing and condemning potentially malignant actions that continue to impede the development of African nations and indeed parts of the developing world. These include wars, culture-based biases, illogical and deadly tribal hatred, etc. African and world leaders, politicians, historians, students and the general public should be awakened by the book.

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Ada Agbasimalo

Amb. Dr. (Mrs) Ada Agbasimalo is an academic product of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and the University of Lagos. She is the author of the following books: Bow You Must, Waves of Destiny and currently, The Forest Dames. She is also a Justice of Peace, having been recognized as an Eminent Peace Ambassador of the United Nations. Previously Genevieve magazine gave her the award of the Extra-ordinary woman (unsung) while she is also a recipient of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) award of Excellence and Integrity. She also received the award of the Inspirational Woman of Courage from Inspiration International among other ecumenical and community awards.

Ada Agbasimalo is a prolific writer who engages in prose, poetry and drama. She enjoys, converting everyday happenings around her to delightful stories. As a teenage girl, she was caught up in the cross fire of the Nigerian civil war during which she was made to live in the forest for months with intense suffering but today she comes with the olive branch, professing peace.

She is currently embarking on an olive branch “Stop-the-drum-beats- of- war” and “No- more- war” campaign to entrench peace in Nigeria, having been caught up in the cross fire of the Nigeria-Biafra war (1967-1970) and never wishing for a repeat action.