The Forever Tree

Tortoise dreams of a tree that produces all kinds of fruits. Does this tree exist? What is the secret of finding the tree?

“This story is humourous and teaches a great lesson – to get what you want, be patient and persistent”
– Vivian Jebet, teacher.

Storyhippo Books are humourous, modern stories set in East Africa that inspire children to fall in love with books.


The Magunga Bookstore
Wangari Grace (author)

Wangari Grace is a well known creative within the Kenyan artistic and educational circles. As a consummate storyteller, she leaves lasting impressions on her audiences with her animated banter, chants, sing along tunes and dramatic narration.

She is also the author of The Forever Tree (children book) which also has a Swahili translation; Mti wa Milele.