The Hand of God – The Power of Faith in Achieving Dreams

In this stirring tale, we meet William Bourett, born in 1938 when families shared rooms with their animals, when donning goat skin was the mode of dressing and the traditional way of life prevailed. Initially shy and withdrawn except under the influence of the local brew, busaa, William gradually metamorphosed into a confident, assertive young man, gaining education and writing his first book Give The Devil His Dues. 

His quest for a wife is as humorous as it is heartwarming. Today he has been married to Miriam for 46 years and together are proud parents of six sons and a daughter.


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William K. Bourette was the chairman of the Baringo Farmers Sacco Society and the Kenya Sacco Societies Union. In his book, The Hand of God, he treats us to his adventures in life including those of when he pursued business interests in the stock market and the insurance industry. William has had the privilege of travelling to various parts of the world, all of which he details in his book.

His first book, Give The Devil His Dues came out during his college days at Kenyattta University.