The Last Villains of Molo

Bone, Bafu, Rock, Ngeta and Bomu are five unemployed young men who live in a Nairobi slum. The entry of Nancy – stylish, sophisticated and shrewd, catapults them into a nightmare that leads to destitution, betrayal, desperation, friendship and lasting love. It is a story of a new generation that rises above the confines of hatred and retribution and reasserts the inherent goodness in man.

Told against the background of the 1991 ‘tribal’ clashes in Kenya, this is one of the most critically acclaimed stories in modern times. It has been a study text in universities in Kenya and Germany.


the Magunga
Kinyanjui Kombani (author)

Kinyanjui Kombani is a creative writer, banker, learning facilitator and award-winning entrepreneur.He received an Outstanding Young Alumni Award of Kenyatta University for his contribution to creative writing, and has been named Top 40 Under 40 Men by the Business Daily Survey.

His novels The Last Villains of Molo and Den of Inequities have been study texts at universities in Kenya (the former also in Germany, USA and UK at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels). His children’s stories include: ‘Wangari Maathai: Mother of Trees’, ‘We Can Be Friends’ and ‘Lost but Found’.

Kinyanjui is actively involved in literary activities in Kenya. He is the founder of Creatives Academy – a writing workshop offered at Daystar University aimed at offering students and members of public a forum to interact with publishers, writers, lawyers, media personalities, film makers and bloggers to receive insights and mentorship on how to turn writing into a career that can pay the rent, and that can inspire the world.


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Editorial Review

"This is a Masterpiece!"
- David Mulwa (renowned writer, thespian & Kalasha Lifetime Achievement awardee)

"(The Last Villains of Molo) depicts a way both perpetrators and victims can go on living after the clashes of the 1990s and effect a partial reconciliation."
– Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, veteran writer

"The Last Villains of Molo’ is a story of hope and redemption. It is a tale of overcoming evil and planting the seeds of self-regeneration and hopefully the re-creation of a humane society."
- Dr. Tom Odhiambo, (University of Nairobi) ,  Saturday Nation Newspaper September 15 2012