The Old Lion of Africa -Walter N Masiga
The Old Lion of Africa -Walter N Masiga
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The Old Lion of Africa

In this inspiring book Dr. Walter Nyamori Masiga recounts his life not only as a scientist but as a football fan and official of the AFC Leopards Club, at a time when it was never a question of whether they would beat their opponents, but whether they were going to maintain their signature 3-0 win. Besides football and work, Dr. Masiga recalls meeting his first wife, the late Elizabeth Semo Masiga, who rose to Chief Inspector of Schools and a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education.


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Dr Walter Nyamori Masiga’s life story is an extended miracle of sorts. He stayed in his mother’s womb for three years, was immobilized by yellow fever at five years of age and was so broken when he lost his father at a tender age that he failed his first ever exam.

Yet not only did he pick up the pieces of his life, he went on to earn top degrees and the highest accolades from some of the best universities in the world. Following this, he held some of the highest global positions in science and research – his name becoming synonymous with the eradication of Rinderpest in Africa, among other incredible feats. His sterling record as a scientist saw his European peers fondly christen him ‘The Old Lion of Africa’.

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