The Other Experiment by Ras Mengesha
The Other Experiment by Ras Mengesha
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The Other Experiment

Experimental in form, The Other Experiment interrogates the idea of otherness, giving us a somewhat heartbreaking image of Kenya (and the world) today. The book incorporates a stream of consciousness, images, newspaper cuttings, poems, scriptwriting, and prose to ask important questions: who am I? What makes me who I am? Who am I not?

The Other Experiment by Ras Mengesha is an attempt at breaking all the rules while still maintaining the most important objective – to tell a good story.

Author’s Warning: The stories herein are true, honest, and rather forthright.



Meant to be an experimental novel written to take his mind from his unfinished manuscript, The Other Experiment will be his first complete work not in the short story form. He is thoroughly excited; but only for a short while because now he has to get back to writing the damn novel. This project is a work of experimental fiction. Any similarities to anyone living or otherwise is strictly coincidental.





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Editorial Review

Read, weep, see what the future of our fiction looks like. Gorgeous. This one is coming to eat us. ~ Binyavanga Wainaina; author, One day I Will Write About This Place