The Seven Rules of the Hyena and Other Stories

An anthology of 20 contemporary African stories, this book holds the mirror up to the ongoing conflict between traditional African beliefs and an often over-westernised version of Christianity. The title story argues that this century belongs to Africa whose cohorts of graduates from Cape to Cairo are already staking their claim. In “Touch”, Petronilla Kidakwa revisits a time-honoured Luhya marriage custom, sadly forgotten by many urbanized Kenyans, while in contrast, “The Love Potion” seems to celebrate — or lament — a dubious Kamba tradition. Two other contrasting stories are the “Rite to Name” whose hero is Owino Ochieng and “Over the Mountain”, whose ’shero’ is American-educated Dr Maria Macharia in whom there’s not even a shred of religious dualism.


Author: Finbarr Murphy
ISBN: 9789966085351
Country: Kenya
Publisher: Paulines Publications Africa
Size (mm): 133 x 213 x 18
Pages: 174
Format: Paperback
Colour: Black & White
Weight 256 grams
Language: English
Publication Date: 2010