The Software of Sex (Most Talked About, Least Understood)
The Software of Sex (Most Talked About, Least Understood)
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The Software of Sex (Most Talked About, Least Understood)

There is wide consensus that sex outside the confines of marriage is lethal, even among liberals and non-religious quarters. Even straying opinions from this consensus only go as far as to agree that it should be restricted to at least some form of commitment between two parties, an allusion to some kind of borders or boundaries. At the very minimum, one should be loyal. ~  Book Excerpt


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Ken Aringo


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Editorial Review

Ken’s message is simple yet potent: sexual debacles do not arise from the fire in our loins or the itches in our crotches. They arise from the mind. Reverend Aringo awakens us to the fact that sex never just happens. “It might seem shocking,” he says, “but sexual temptations are usually well rehearsed and prepared for. We live them in our minds long before the actual events take place. He continues to illustrate, “The auditions are taken and suitable candidates found and signed up. The rehearsals begin in earnest and it is only a matter of time before the actual scenes play themselves in real life.” ~ Review by Ernest Wamboye