This Girl Diana... by Titus N.O Daudi
This Girl Diana... by Titus N.O Daudi
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This Girl Diana… (eBook)

This is an afro-futuristic novel exploring a diverse variety of themes from loss and how it changes us to madness, identity and war. It’s the story of a girl called Diana and her lover Ruvlek but also that of the human race caught in a war between two alien species.


Diana Odipo is an ordinary thirty two year old twilight girl with a traumatic past until she’s abducted by one of her clients, a rich neurotic Kenyan American scientist, for an experiment to transfer her consciousness to a parallel universe.

She finds herself in the body of another version of herself, a doctor with a PhD in Neurobiology working on a top secret military project for the Kenyan government alongside her fellow scientist and lover, Dr. Ivan Wilhelm Ruvlek. Unbeknownst to her and many, a ship of refugee aliens is making its way to earth escaping a conglomerate of ruthless militants who will stop at nothing till they’re extinct.

Flung into a world full of chaos, where loss is the order of the day, madness a pastime of many and destruction a norm, will she struggle reconcile her two selves and save the world from a psychotic alien super intelligence that wants to be a god and controls the scene behind the curtains?



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Titus Nicodemus O’Connor Daudi


Akisha Publishers


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