Unyielding Hope – Life & Times of Koitalel Arap Samoei

For more than ten years, from 1895-1905. the British conquest of Kenya was stalled by a guerrilla campaign masterminded by Koitalel Samoei, supreme leader of the Nandi people. The British were able to lay to rest the threat he posed only by inviting him to a bogus peace conference and shooting him.

Unyielding Hope tells the story of Koitalel and his people’s freedom struggle. This riveting story is a seminal study of the mysterious life of Koitalel Samoei, the legendary and charismatic hero who initiated the struggle against British colonialism. In a series of running battles and evasive maneuvers, the courageous Nandi, armed with spears and bows, outwitted the British soldiers with their rifles and Maxim guns. This is an extraordinary book about an amazing Kenyan freedom fighter!

Kipchoge arap Chomu is a great grandson of the legendary Koitalel arap Samoei – the leader of the Nandi people of Kenya who headed the resistance to the British invasion of Kenya at the end of the nineteenth century – and also the Executive Director or the Koitalel Samoei Nandi Foundation. Kipchoge arap Chomu is a trained theologian, counsellor and researcher.

Giles Humphrey is a British writer. His website is www.gileshumphry.com