Vanishing Herds

Vanishing Herds by Henry ole Kulet is an engrossing story of a journey of emancipation for Norpisia, from a simple pastrolist to a well known environmental conservationist. She and her husband, Kedoki, attempt a long torturous journey fraught with danger and death. That notwithstanding, Norposia relentlessly pursues her conservation intentions, and succeeds in rehabilitating degraded forests and destroyed wetlands.


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Norpisia’s spiritual journey towards environmental environmental restoration, and her hubsband’s physical journey in search of his birthplace are intertwined in this novel. From a simple pastoralist, Norpisia relentlessly pursues her conservation ambitions and eventually becomes a renowned conservationist and succeeds in rehabilitating degraded forests and wetlands.

Vanishing Herds is a refreshing read and a genuine port of call for a society rife with environmental challenges.

Dimensions 198 × 129 mm

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