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Weapon of Hunger

Weapon of Hunger is perhaps Meja Mwangi’s best book yet. The picture he paints of the relentless quest for modern Africa is grim. What is most depressing, is that there seem to be no solutions.


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Arrakan is the mother of calamity and great aunt to human suffering; a land that spawns wars, genocides, plagues and famines, human disasters of biblical proportions, and spews them onto the world with the wantonness of mad volcano. It is a persevering and generous land; a land that welcomes adventurers and mad men with open arms, promises bounteous treasures and boundless pleasures, but delivers, instead, a feast of unimaginable woes and unremitting cruelty. She is the visionary, the liberator, the sword of justice; sworn foe to anyone who would oppress her people. Her sole reason for living is to deliver her people from the shackles of neocolonial bondage, from the pseudo-socialist generals who have hijacked the revolution and slaughtered her dream and the aspirations of her people.

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Meja Mwangi


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